"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room."

-Jeff Bezos – Founder, Amazon


Create an impact wherever you go!


Leveraging who you are!

"Everything about you is part of your branding"

-Poornima Kotak

Personal branding is a concept where you align all your personal capabilities (Product), package them in the most appropriate manner (Packaging), create a branding that speaks about you (Marketing) and projects you in the best possible manner (Selling) to the world. Your branding precedes you wherever you go, hence you can put a strategy to what your branding should speak about you!

There are 2 aspects to Branding – Outer and Inner. Working on both the aspects together is critical to creating a holistic representation of who you are. Most people kill their branding because of low or exceedingly high self-esteem. The key is to master the art of creating a balanced, realistic, truthful, appealing, promising and a saleable Branding strategy for you!

Your Personal Branding is the biggest asset that you possess! It is the relationship between 2 basic things:


Personal Branding is based on the Inside-Out concept where the inner CORE becomes the foundation for external development. But when people meet you, they first see your outermost-self first, i.e, your appearance. Hence it is important to follow the Outside-In concept while working on your Branding, and align all of you into your CORE. All aspects of you from your external appearance to your inner self needs to be aligned and connected, for you to represent your holistic branding.


Increase your salability factor!

"Create a holistic brand out of a product called YOU, and enhance your salability factor"

-Poornima Kotak

Everyone has a price tag, your market value will depend on how you increase your perceived value. Where you position yourself in your mind is how others see you and that defines your worth. Your positioning depends on your perceived value of yourself, which is driven by your perceived success and failure of yourself in various situations, which in-turn defines your levels of self-esteem and self-confidence. We can safely say that everything about you drives you and others around you, hence it is critical for you to be an impeccable influencer!

Through Personal Branding concepts we help you enhance your salability factor by helping you achieve the end result of:

  • Charismatic persona
  • Powerful Personal Presentation
  • Impactful Communication
  • Influential Public Speaking
  • Confident Body Language
  • Conscious Leadership
  • High Emotional Quotient
  • Building Strong Relationships
  • Living the purpose!

Personal Branding for Corporate Leaders

Personal Branding is a powerful Leadership enabler! A Corporate Leader is expected to be charismatic, credible and impactful. Leading a successful team calls for you to be a dynamic Leader with a magnetic personality. Chiselling your branding and strategizing your Leadership Image are the key ingredients to your success story!

The program offers a bouquet of modules covering all the 5 Gateways, specifically customized for your leadership journey.

Personal Branding for Business Owners

Your products or services are just as good as you! Your Clients buy you before they buy your products or services. Do you look and speak like a credible and trustworthy business owners? For you, Personal Branding is all about creating a sense of authority in you and showcasing you as a successful business owner.

The program helps you become an influential Business Owner, position you as an authority and help you become a Leading Business Magnet!

Personal Branding for Professionals

You are synonymous to your product or service and hence it is important for you to showcase yourself as an expert! Harnessing your branding will lead to attracting the right clients for your business! How you position yourself and how you project yourself leads to your success!

The program is designed to help you showcase you as a credible professional. You deserve to be paid your worth and on time! We understand just that!


Open Programs

Audience: Mid – Senior Corporate Leaders; Business Owners & Professionals

A 3 step funnel, ranging from a 3 hour seminar to a 1 year transformational engagement, completely customized for the individual participants, along with group learning…

Corporate Programs

Audience: Mid – Senior Corporate Leaders, Vertical Heads, CXOs and Business Heads

Single interventions with specific focus as per the need. Long term engagements for transformational results. Customized learning and implementation for each individual Participant…

Online Programs

Audience: Corporate Executives; Business Owners; Trainers, Coaches & Professionals

Plethora of short programs to choose from, specifically created for various audiences. Multiple offerings through a funnel of programs leading to an individual coaching engagement…

CEO Exclusive

Audience: CEOs or aspiring CEOs of Mid and large sized organizations & Business Owners

A bespoke program for helping the CEO harness their Branding, for success. A 12-month program with 121 online and offline coaching, recommendations, with in-room & e-learning options…