Leveraging who you are!

How you sell yourself and why others buy you

A. How you feel about yourself and how others feel about you
B. How you sell yourself and why others buy you

These 2 things define your success in whatever you do! So, it is important for you to assess if your branding currently is an asset or a liability for you!

You have probably worked very hard on your technical skills and have grown in your career. While technical expertise is important, nurturing people is what Leadership is all about! People are looking for a leader who is authentic and charismatic. Your Leadership greatness depends on the way you position and project who you are. Your branding is a basic Leadership requirement, it enables you to become an impactful Leader!

You need to constantly market yourself as brand to increase your saleability factor. The gap between who you are and what people want to buy is where Personal Branding steps in. A good brand makes for a potential great leader. How you brand yourself will help people understand why they need to accept your leadership.

Most people live in a dark space of who they are and what their potential is and it may take a lifetime to even understand what they are capable of. You spend all your time trying to sell yourself without knowing what your audience is looking for in you. The concepts of Personal Branding have been tested by time over centuries and all we need to do is apply these appropriately to excel in our respective fields. Personal Branding is a science, and has its own unique concepts, laws and theories.