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“I attended Personal Branding Power program at a time when I was stuck in my life. I was unable to take even one step as fear was holding me back. This program has opened up my mind and I am now ready to move forward. I am able to think beyond my situation and look at what I can create for myself. I really look forward to a good career and a great future!”

Sujatha S S


“This session has been the best birthday gift that I have given myself. I am a far more confident person now to take these learnings ahead and achieve my goals. Personal Branding Power program is true to its name, you learn how to become a powerful brand and present yourself to the world in a new avatar!”

Sanjivani Iyer

Manager – Information Engineering

“Personal Branding Power program helped me learn how I can grow not only to the next level but have a complete paradigm shift in all aspects of my life! Of all the programs that I have attended in my career, I can say that this is one of the most compelling program in perception management and personal development!”

Dinesh Aradhya

Senior Manager – Software Business

“Appearance the gateway concept was a mind-blowing concept and opening the doors of the mind was something which I need to take back heavily.”

Dr. Jagadish

Manager – Software Solutions Business

“Till now I wore only blue and white shirts with blazers and suits to all formal events. Personal Branding Power showed me all the variations I can have in my wardrobe! For sure there will be more colours! By the way, I threw away 14 shirts after the first day! ”

Nitin Awasthi

Manager – Software Solutions Business

“I’ve felt stuck for the past one and half years of my life. I am usually a vibrant person. I have attended other programs which helped but I needed a little more specific handling of what was holding me back. Poornima’s exercise on Day 2 was mind blowing! Her care while handling all of us is also commendable. I am also very happy to see such a versatile and powerful woman!”

Sangita Nair

Director – Software Business

“Personal Branding Power has opened up new vistas in my thought process, broken few mental barriers and I have learnt some valuable techniques which I will be using in my real-life situations! I can’t wait to apply these concepts in my business right away”

Ashutosh Ananth

Business Owner

“Poornima, you have lots of patience! Hats off!!! I have had a lot of learning regarding appearance and public speaking in such a structured manner! I loved Personal Branding Power program!
Thank you!”

Thejashree Shenoy

Finance Controlller

“Very energetic and influencing! Poornima and Rajiv infuse the program with energy and create a highly potent environment for us to learn in! God bless you!”

Jincy Joseph

“I loved being here all 3 days and it was an amazing experience. You have really opened many doors for me! I look forward to a lot of new opportunities in life now! ”

Jyothish Menon

Global Project Manager – IT Business

“This was a major icebreaking for me and a big lead into a bright future. I learned so many concepts of Personal Branding and I was able to tap into the unknown territory of ‘myself’. I am loving the way I have started looking at ‘me’ with a new perspective! ”

Sathish Aradhya

Vice President – IT Business

“Poornima is an awesome coach! Her style is what makes this program such a good experience! She teaches concepts like no one else does, with ease and grace. Amazing!”


Busniess Owner

“I have attended many corporate training programs earlier, but this is the best personal development program I have ever attended! Concepts are made so easy and relatable! There is also a good implementation plan, what more can we ask for?”

Kiran Thatta

Corporate Leader

“Personal Branding Power is one of the most transformational programs I have ever attended. I have attended a lot of international programs, but nothing like this one!  It has motivated me to move ahead and achieve my goals in life! I feel prompted to look inwards into my relationships both with myself and with others! ”

Harsha Gupta

Serial Entrepreneur

“The energy of the team is so high that it keeps participants active for 10-12 hours! Poornima has all the skills and content and articulates the program so well! She urges the participants to become the best versions of ourselves.”

Mohinder P

“Personal Branding Power program brought in very clearly the importance of personal branding for myself, the awareness of how my strengths can be leveraged and my appearance tweaked for being an effective and powerful leader! I have walked away with confidence, knowing that I am a Brand and I have tools to help me enhance the way I present myself!”

Sudha Prabhu

HR Director

“My emotions that were bottled inside for years and were keeping me in low energies, are opening up! Personal Branding Power program has helped realize a lot of things about me which I was not aware of! I now realize that I am yet to live my life to the fullest potential. Now I know that my branding is going to help me live that!”

Yamini Nafde

Insurance Agent, Homemaker & Mother